Corporate Social Responsibility

At Baker Tilly Hulse, Corporate social responsibility is a commitment to do more than just serve the needs and expectations of clients and owner. It can also mean going beyond business basics and serving a social need. Through corporate social responsibility programs, including responsible business practices, philanthropy and volunteer efforts, Baker Tilly Hulse can benefit society while boosting their brand.

Corporate social responsibility is the benefits that a company obtains from having a strong community and healthy environment and may not generally be expressed in dollars, but these elements do have a financial impact on any business.

Below are some of the areas of social responsibility that Baker Tilly Hulse participates in.

Ethical Corporate Social Responsibility

At Baker Tilly Hulse, ethical CSR initiatives are intended to enforce fairer treatment for all employees, with common examples including paying higher wages, offering jobs to those who might otherwise struggle to find work, ensuring that decent standards are maintained in the workplace.

Baker Tilly Hulse, also partners with the local high schools and universities in Belize and accepts interns to do their final work experience in our firm. We are very thankful to be part of such a wonderful programme and actually have employed several of those interns who had the opportunity to intern with us. To name a few, Mr. Kenyon Wright, Ms. Kiara Cabrera, Ms. Karina Heusner and Ms. Robin Quilter.

Left to right, Ms. Andrea Y. Lui, Senior Auditor, Ms. Nikita Smith, Intern (graduating class of 2018) and Ms. Robin Quilter, Junior Auditor; Auditors, taking a quick selfie moment..#pressforprogress#BakerTillyIntWomen#IWD2018.

Philanthropic Corporate Social Responsibility

Philanthropic social responsibilities go beyond simply operating as ethically as possible and involve actively bettering society. The type of corporate social responsibility that Baker Tilly Hulse frequently associates with is by donating money to charities, programs, sporting events and much more.

Furthermore, at Baker Tilly Hulse, they offer their employees the opportunity to volunteer with local charities during working hours.

Below graphically depicts how important Corporate Social Responsibility is to our firm and why it should be to your firm as well.

Triple bottom line graphic