Christmas Party 2017

Another year came to a close and it brought us great holidays including Christmas Day and New Year's Day; and of course most companies prepared to celebrate with all its members, decorating the different areas and creating a Christmas atmosphere.

Baker Tilly Hulse was no different. At Baker Tilly Hulse, the social club came together where they celebrated with each other receiving God's blessings and discovering that there is no bigger gift than being together as a team and a family while enjoying the peace and love of this wonderful Christmas party.

Top Left to Right:
Ms. Robin Quilter, Ms. Brenda Ramirez, Ms. Kiara Cabrera,and Ms. Andrea Lui

Bottom Left to Right:
Mr. Shayne Aguste, Mr. Earl Vernon, Mr. Kenyon Wright, and Mr. Jerry Noguera

Christmas party setting

Exquisite table setting and Traditional Christmas menu

Sharing of Christmas gifts and Christmas treats