2018 news

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1. AICPA announces new forensic accounting certificates

The American Institute of CPAs announced on Monday that it launched two new intermediate-level certificate programs in forensic accounting this month, continuing to prepare students for the growing field of study.

The new "Core" and "Specialized" certificates are in response to the desire for professionals to be well-versed in the area of financial crime and other related fields.

2. Keep calm and carry on with policy normalization, BIS tells central banks

LONDON (Reuters) - The recent volatility in global financial markets should not deter top central banks from lifting interest rates or ending years of unprecedented stimulus, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) said on Sunday.

3. UB Imprint Vol 21: Pensions – When the Well Runs Dry in Belize

Pensions – When the Well Runs Dry in Belize Dr. Philip Castillo, Assistant Professor at the University of Belize, provides insights on Pension in Belize.

4. Private Pensions now enforced

23-Jan-17, the General Public was advised that the Private Pension Act, Act #4 of 2016 and the Private Pension Regulations, Statutory Instrument #2 of 2017 came into effect on 1st January 2017 by virtue of Statutory Instrument # 1 of 2017.

The Private Pension Act provides for the registration and supervision of private pension plans in an effort to offer better protection to members and pensioners of such plans. The Act applies to all pension plans that are established by an employer for persons employed in Belize or in respect where an employer is making contribution for his or her employees.

The Act does not apply to pension plans for Public Officers, School Teachers, Social Security Pensioners and the National Assembly Pension Plan. Pension plans established prior to the commencement date, for employees of Belize Electricity Limited, Belize Telemedia Limited and Belize Water Services Limited are also exempt.